Other Services for Musicians

Other Services for Musicians:

  • Bring your own stuff and let's configure it together!!! (price to be defined together)
  • Answers to your questions about your own setup etc. Price: 5€ or 10for each question solved, you pay after letting me know the question and see if i can answer.
  • Custom lessons, courses etc. (price to be defined together)


  • Custom Max4Live device development following your own Requirements (price to be defined together)


  • Mixing and/or Mastering of your tracks (you send to me your tracks for mixing, or a 24bit bounce of you tracks for mastering, and I'll give you back a 24bit WAV  - 10)


All the above can be done in the real world (if we are not far away - onsite or offsite) or via Skype.


Payments via PayPal.




My "Digital Music Workshop" is held at the "ArtEmozione" classroom in Padua, Galleria Ognissanti 21.

The price is 20€ for 2 nights.

I am available for on-site requests.

My current Setup

Here is a quick description of my current setup. This setup is used live during my Workshops.

A detailed audio and midi connections diagram can be requested (see "Contacts") at the price of 10€.

Software Instruments

Here is a list of my Software Instruments (VSTs or Apps).

An Ableton Live Set file can be requested (see "Contacts") at the price of 10€.

Each VST is configured so that you can select its patch (or program or sound or preset) using a MIDI controller. I have a custom Max4Live device developed by myself (available at the price of 20€), or  - if you do not have Max4Live - a special session configuration.

You will also see how the Hardware instruments (see "My current Setup") are integrated.


MAX4LIFE Device for Ableton Live


“MAX4LIFE” (not “Max4Live”!) is a Max MIDI Instrument for Ableton Live based on the famous “Conway’s Game of Life” Algorithm (see for example http://www.math.com/students/wonders/life/life.html). 

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